About Eve


Eve Lawrence is an Australian author who delves into online dating with an open heart and an open mind. She asks for honesty in her partners, respectful communication, a playful sense of mischief-making, and of course orgasm equality!

Eve’s book UNLEASHING THE COUGAR – ADVENTURES OF AN ONLINE DATING VIRGIN is ready and waiting for a publisher and/or astute literary agent who recognises the growing market for empowering, intelligent stories that explore women’s sexuality and lived experience post marriage, post children and unashamedly in their second phase of life.

So, come into my world and I’ll share the hope-filled highs and the soul-destroying, confidence-shattering lows. Consider, too, the fun bits along the way where you get to take a peek at my adventures and laugh with me at my naïve mistakes. I make a lot of them, but that’s how we learn. I’ve been called naïve, idealistic and a randy romantic. Maybe I’m all three? Walk with me, my friend, as I open my heart and reflect on this search for intimacy, meaning and pleasure.