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I’ve taken the plunge and started a Facebook page because I want to reach more readers and people who have something to say about modern dating.

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I’d love for you to follow me there, where I will be posting older content you may have missed – especially if you are a recent reader – as well as exclusive, ‘real-time’ opportunities.

In this time of disconnection, where there’s so much bitterness and disappointment about modern dating, I want to grow a community of people with shared experiences so we can build each other up and create a better space for relationships to flourish.

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Why Tinder Is Bad For Your Love Life

I found this post courtesy of I’ve Been Dating for You. It’s refreshing in many ways, not only because it’s from a young man’s point of view – but also because it talks such common sense. All the things we know about the addictive nature of social media – including online dating sites – are evident in this post. There are pro’s and cons of modern dating obviously, but at least try to be aware of the pitfalls discussed here. Read on if you dare! (or watch the You Tube link).

Tinder is a fun, convenient and entertaining way to meet new potential lovers, friends and maybe even partners…. You might think that you are having a good time on the dating app, but after reading my story you will understand why Tinder is actually bad for your love life!

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